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Packing Tips

Packing Tips

How to Use Packing Cubes

By On February 14, 2018

With the costs of flying rising, a lot of people look to see how they can make it more affordable. One way to do that is to fly with as little luggage… Read More

airliner on the airfield of an airportairliner on the airfield of an airport
Packing Tips

Understanding 2018 Real ID Airport Requirements

By On January 3, 2018

The Real ID Act is going into effect January 22, 2018. What that means is that for most Americans, you can still fly with just your state-issued driver’s license. However, if you’re… Read More

Beginner's Guide to Packing The Ultimate Carry On
Packing Tips

Beginners Guide to Packing The Ultimate Carry-On

By On July 7, 2017

There’s long been a secret of professional travelers: they travel with just a carry-on. With airline regulations tightening and the costs of checked luggage going up, you might be thinking about giving… Read More

Woman waiting for her flight
Family Travel

Beginner’s Guide to Airport Travel

By On February 25, 2017

For experienced travelers, navigating airports are a breeze, but if you only travel once or twice a year, flying can feel like a hassle. The good news? It doesn’t have to be. Navigating… Read More

Packing Tips

Best Suitcases for Holiday Travel

By On November 16, 2016

For most of us, at least one suitcase is an essential purchase. Yet, with so many options on the market, it can be pretty overwhelming to choose the right one. To make… Read More

best coolers
Packing Tips

Chill Vibes: Our Favorite Cooler Bags for Summer

By On July 6, 2016

Summer temperatures are heating up, so it’s important that you keep your cool. In addition to maintaining proper hydration and skin protection, you will also want to consider the best options to… Read More

Beach Bag Packing Checklist
Packing Tips

Beach Bag Packing List

By On June 28, 2016

Summer is officially here which means it’s time to hit the beach. When you’re planning your road trip to the beach, don’t forget these must-haves. What do you have to bring with… Read More

Travel-Friendly Souvenirs
Packing Tips

Three Tips for Buying Travel-Friendly Souvenirs

By On September 24, 2015

You’re finishing up your vacation, sitting in the airport waiting for your gate to open when suddenly you realize…you forgot to buy some souvenirs! Uh-oh, not wanting to be rude, you run… Read More