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5 Types of Summer Vacations

By On May 7, 2021

Summer is just around the corner! That means, so is summer vacation. Thankfully, there’s fifty states filled with tons of activities to choose from throughout our country. So, the vacation possibilities are… Read More

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Packing Tips

Chill Vibes: Our Favorite Cooler Bags for Summer

By On July 6, 2016

Summer temperatures are heating up, so it’s important that you keep your cool. In addition to maintaining proper hydration and skin protection, you will also want to consider the best options to… Read More


Favorite Zoos Across the US

By On June 22, 2016

Lions and tigers and bears… oh, my! A trip to the zoo is a staple childhood memory. Not only is it an activity the whole family can enjoy, but zoos also provide an educational… Read More


Best Destinations in the East for Boomers

By On April 7, 2016

Though the Baby Boomer generation as a whole is nearing the age of retirement, it seems their bodies aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Often recognized as a generation that prioritizes health and… Read More


Santa’s Favorite Stocking Stuffers for the Road

By On December 17, 2015

Ho Ho Ho! It’s Christmas time again. In many homes across the globe, stockings are hung on the mantle as a time-honored holiday tradition. On Christmas morning, children (and parents!) discover whether… Read More


Give The Gift of Travel This Holiday Season

By On November 22, 2015

“Travel is the only gift that money can buy that makes you richer.” -Unknown         Holiday gift giving can be both fun and challenging. Not only does it take… Read More

Family Travel

How To Prevent Sibling Fighting on a Trip

By On November 13, 2015

Family road trips can be truly rewarding, but if you have multiple children in your family, then you have likely experienced what a logistics nightmare it can be to travel with large… Read More


Travel-Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

By On October 14, 2015

Ahoy, travelers! Have you decided what you plan to wear for Halloween? While we certainly don’t want to deter you from a traditional costume, we’ve compiled our favorite list of travel-themed Halloween… Read More